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Exercise Idea # 6

I’ve been bad with ideas lately. Sorry guys I started a new job this week been a wee bit stressed out! Lets do…


its been so nice out lately. Hit up your local state park and get fit that way! Hike some trails. I like to go earlier in the morning while its still cool out. I bet there’s alot of sweet places near your house that you probably don’t think of! 

This week

my new boss put a new perspective on how i look at things. He said anger is just a transference of emotion. When someone is angry and tries to bring you down by saying stuff such as “oh your such a twat” do not. DO NOT accept it. Laugh and that transference of energy bounces right back at them. They have to keep that negative energy. If you accept it, (their negativeness) then they have succeeded with getting rid of that negative energy. Just let them keep it instead :) That goes for bullies on here! Take your garbage some place else! 

Love Ash, Keep doing what your doing yawl.


Anonymous asked:

I run everyday in the morning & afternoon & do loads of crunches, but for some reason I still have lower ab fat, but if cell-u-loss & herbalife doesn't affect Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control, then maybe I can give them a try.

Maybe! Check out the site if youd like and read about some of the different products Thermobond takes the fat from the doods you eat so your body doesn’t retain as much of it. I personally love the cell-u-loss and the nutrition shakes! 

xmaejanel asked:

Well, recently, I've been running every morning for about an hr so that should help. If herbalife or cell-u-loss doesn't affect my birth control, then I would definitely use them, tell me more about them? (:

Cell-u-loss is all natural too so you wouldn’t think it would effect your birth control i would still check you can never be certain! Some of the ingredients are corn silk, dandelion, parsley and asparagus sounds like a weird combo but all my girlfriends love the product! You take it like a daily vitamin. It supports the healthy elimination of water and all herbalife products have been scientifically tested for years now! Their very high quality. It maintains your electrolyte level too :) Kosher certified!  


Anonymous asked:

I'm going to do that tomorrow, thanks anyway though. Also, What are ways to reduce lower ab fat?

crunches! sit ups! walks! running! anyway that you would get the weight off your body normally dancing etc i can talk to you about herbalife supplements too :) they are all natural and awesome like i just started cell-u-loss it gets rid of the extra bloat which for some people makes up alot of the extra water weight they hate! like my legs i hate water bloat in my legs but cell-u-loss makes them feel thin and waterless :) i love it too much! maybe it could help with your belly?


Anonymous asked:

Do you know if diet pills affect birth control? I just recently bough AcaiTrim's Maximum Acai with Mulberries & Raspberry Ketones & 2x Green Tea, I've heard they actually work but I am scared they will affect my birth control :/

I really can’t answer that because I have no knowledge of how diet pills affect birth control :( sorry try google?!

Check out!

The Herbalife24 Line on my independent website address located in my about me! They have great sports nutrition products! I haven’t really promoted this side of Herbalife until now but people seem really into the re-hydration products, lift-off, protein supplements, and the entire sports line :) message for details! thanks guys xxo!

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